NYCPlayground originated as an effort to keep everyone informed of unique events in New York City. The city itself is a playground, and we hope this site is a way to keep informed of the best it has to offer.

A Different Concept

What separates this site from other events sites is that it does not list everything. The events listed here are posted by us and our subscribers and monitored regularly by us for bogus postings. Since events are posted by our readers, some of them cannot be found on any other site. As editors-in-chief we reserve the right to remove any events posted simply as advertisement. If an event doesn't meet our criteria of cultural, cool, unique, or outright wierd, it gets booted. Think of NYCplayground as a sort of filter for all of the information out there. There are no guarantees, especially with regards to events that only occur once. We have no idea how each event will turn out. But if you page through the events already listed we're sure you'll agree most of them are interesting and many are an outright surprise!

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